New item posted 30/03/2016 : T E Lawrence
HSL 142

Welcome to the Coastal Motorboat Heritage Trust. This is a not-for-profit organisation, which is working towards registration as a charity. The trust recognises the contribution that Light Coastal Forces made in World War Two.

The Aims of the Coastal Motorboat Heritage Trust include:

  • Staging events which bring together, “in the water” wherever possible, historic coastal motorboats and similar craft thus making their heritage accessible to an increasing number of the general public;
  • Raising funds to acquire, operate and maintain at least one World War II motorboat;
  • Furthering the public understanding of the design, construction and operation of those craft;
  • Supporting action on the restoration, preservation and operation of historic craft within the scope of the Trust

Apart from the costs of restoration, the cost of fuel for these old boats is significant. We would be most grateful for your support and encouragement either by becoming a member or by sending a donation.