September 3

Yesterday I called on Jimmy at the Old Peoples Home in Marchwood, the young lady who attended me, asked does he know you well, would he have worked with you? That sounded ominous, I replied, that I worked for him for many years at British Military Powerboat Trust; the beautiful very slim and most elegant female who was very definitely from the Indian Sub-Continent, moved away her simple grey dress emphasising her delicate colour.

She came back and told be he was asleep in front of the Television, I looked for just a moment, the TV was big and colourful, six old ladies were watching,  all in those high backed Hospital Chairs, Jimmy was bent almost double in his, the Indian Princess touched his sleeve gently but he did not stir,  I signed the Visitors Book and went away….Old men cry very easily, so it was no surprise for me to shed a tear as I drove home (recently his family sold me Jimmy’s car), so I am not likely to forget him visit or no visit. One day I shall write a few more lines about his war work- in Weybridge and Washington,  John