June 18

May 10, 2013

MTB 102   Spends 400 miles at sea to attend the Southampton Maritime Festival

On Thursday I drove from Southampton to Lowestoft, spent the night in a side cabin on the Motor Torpedo boat, it was cold.  In the morning the Skipper Richard Basey and three other people who would make up the party joined me;  we soon left the Boatyard and  found ourselves in the North Sea heading South towards Dover.  In ten hours we arrived and spent the night in the Dover Marina (I had spent about five hours at the Wheel). On Friday after breakfast we headed for Southampton, the weather got steadily worse;  I again took the wheel with about sixty five miles to go;  gradually the wind increased becoming force six and the seventy six year old boat crashed from wave to wave.  One of those on board had been sea sick since we left Lowestoft. The sickness continued until  we arrived  at The Old Docks at Southampton.   I had a glass of wine and went to my bunk. Being the same age as the MTB, I found it hard going, today Sunday I came to my Flat and rested leaving the rest to meet the visitors to the Festival.
On Tuesday I will take my turn again as we head back to Dover, hoping to arrive there about 7pm and stay again in the Dover Marina.
On Wednesday evening we hope to reach Lowestoft before dark, but again the weather looks bleak….the others will all go their ways, I will stay the night on the MTB then leave for Southampton by car the next day.
Whilst at the event, I had the pleasure of going on board the Royal Navy ship Medusa, a beautifully restored vessel, I was shown around by the ever
helpful Alan Watson.  I then went aboard the High Speed Launch and had a chat with Richard Hellier who now looks after probably the most beautiful
WW2 vessel ever built.
I was invited to an evening get-together by Jerry Lewis and the Dunkirk Little Ships Team and had a most enjoyable time, with a large selection of
fine food with wine. I was shown over some of the Team’s Restoration Work by Dennis Cox, who was also the Harbour Master for Festival.