September 19

Seventeen year old Bertie Stubbings, kissed his Mum goodbye and before his eighteenth Birthday was fighting in France, wounded in the Somme, captured and spent the rest of the war in a German Prison Camp then home to Peace and work. The young man, always clever with his hands, took up the trade of Fine Art Blacksmith; leaving behind him the Slaughter of France, he applied his wonderful God Given skill to religious articles of worship. Today you can see his Altar Cross on the High Altar at Washington Cathedral, where Presidents as well as the Common Man have lain in State. Or nearer to hand at Wells Cathedral in Somerset, where his work again on the High Altar, has been seen for more than half a century already. The young Soldier, although wounded in battle, and decorated with The Legion of Honour went on to live to the age of One Hundred Years. (pictured on the day of ‘his century)
Details, pictures etc. supplied by; Mr. and Mrs. Stubbings