October 11



Teenager Elizabeth Scott-Paine looked again at the

message and couldn’t believe her eyes.  Life for her

was wonderful at the moment, she was involved with

what was to become her life long passion,.. Horses.

The young lady had to immediately remove herself

from the Riding School of  Major  Cave-Humphroy,

(for Advanced Riders and Teachers), where she was

taking her exams to take her,  I:O:H   ( Institute of

Horse).   She had never dreamt of disobeying any of

her Father’s wishes, and so with a heavy heart she

left Imber Court and within a few hours presented

herself at the Flying Boat Dock in Poole, Dorset. She

had Ten Pounds in her Pocket.

Elizabeth jumped into the 30ft Sea Plane Tender which

took her to the enormous  Flying Boat, the engines

roared and the plane eventually took off into the bright

morning sky.  Four hours later she landed in Spain, the

craft re-fuelled and quickly took off again towards

Gibraltar, re-fuelled again and stayed for the night at

the South of France.  The Flying Boat of the day, could

fly less than four hours before landing for fuel, then as

now, passengers have to disembark for this purpose, then

continue their journey, thus Elizabeth had to endure not

less than twelve take-offs and twelve landings as well as

four nights in Hotels on the route. All of these movements

requiring one of Father’s Sea plane Tenders to move the

passengers and crew, the Royal Mail, freight and baggage.

Eventually they arrived at Mombasa in Kenya where she

was transferred to a six-seat plane which took her to Umtali.

Then one last stage in the Mail Plane where she sat next to

the Pilot in this very small Aircraft;  Bulawayo was reached

as the dusk crept over the horizon. This Town in Rhodesia

was to be her new home for the next Ten Years.

The cost of this flight:- a little over six hundred pounds.

Elizabeth Scott- Paine with her savings bought a little motor car

for sixty pounds and a Pony for another sixty pounds.  From this

small beginning, she built her life as a horse woman, built her

own stables and made her living from them, joined the RAF as a

Driver, drove Ambulances, Busses and Three Ton Lorries…..

Found time to court and marry a ‘Wellington’ Pilot, have two kids

and live happily ever after.

Elizabeth lives on in Salisbury (England), where I visit her at least

once a week, our main topic of conversation? Hubert Scott-Paine

and my Campaign to have the Woolston Bridge named after him.

john Cook

1940 prices,  10 cigarettes, 10pence (4p)

War Widows Pension, £22 per annum

Average council Rent  8 shillings per week (40p)

Children’s pocket money 3 to 6d  (1 to 3p)