June 18

The Seventy Six Year Old  World War Two Motor Torpedo Boat, has left Southampton and returned to Lowestoft her home base. Running as we did in front of a Full Gale.

I had assumed when agreeing to be one of her crew, that we were going to a Maritime Festival in the famous Port of Southampton but instead we, the
Maritime element, were tucked away at the extreme end of a Cruise Terminal, whereas the ‘Pettycote Lane’ element of stall holders, traders, and Ice Cream sellers were the easily
accessable and by far the largest element, and as far as I could see the real reason for this Money Making Jamboree.
Earlier in the year I recall the same vessel going to another Maritime Festival at Great Yarmouth, only ten miles from our Home Base.  At that event the Mayor as well as
many Councillors came to see us on the Torpedo Boat, as did the Lord Sheriff and his Lady.  Quite different to  Southampton where after travelling
two hundred miles by sea we were totally ignored by the Southampton ‘Big Wigs’, Press and Television.
MTB 102 used 1,000 litres of fuel to respond to the Town’s request to attend, it is the only example of a WW2 Torpedo Boat;  it led The Evacuation of Dunkirk, took on board Royalty and many famous people, including Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower. In a more frivolous  vein took on board
the Actor Michael Caine during the film making of The Eagle has Landed.
Forget the ‘Titanic’ she is still at the bottom of the Atlantic;  this boat is the REAL THING.