November 8

Last evening had dinner with my friend Penny, she has agreed to go Carol Singing with me again this year. I think that will be the third year in a row.  Over the lovely food we discussed the rights and wrongs of the world, which we have done on previous occasions.  I made the point that I like our Prime Minister and would probably vote for him, however am I wrong or did the Leader of the Opposition, kick over the First Domino of the Western World’s proposal to attack Syria and in so doing did the French Domino fall followed by the American one.  That being the case, I will have to reconsider my ever important Vote and take into account those Women and Children of our young soldiers who would have certainly died in that action, to say nothing of the slaughter of the Syrian Men Women and Children.

Penny on the other hand felt strongly that those Tyrants, Saddam Husayn,  Assad and all others who take the life of those who oppose their dictatorship, must have their cumuppance, no matter how many people are lost   in delivering that cumuppance.  She felt that those who use force of arms to dominate their own people, must be punished. Whereas my feeling was to let the Dictator, Dictate, if it is going to cost the  lives of Half a Million Human Beings to dislodge him.

Penny believes in Principle whereas I only believe in Numbers.