June 18

Friday 10th May

Today; called on Miss Elizabeth (Scott-Paine) Ridgway for Tea. But first the lady, now well into her Ninety’s needed to do some shopping in the nearby Town. My offer to drive her in my car was turned down so I jumped in beside her in her vehicle. She backed out of the garage, rather more quickly than I would have liked, turned round and sped down the short road toward the Dual Carriage. Craning my neck to see the speedometer I remarked that she was traveling at a good speed…”I normally keep to sixty” said the old lady, “but I’ll do Ninety if the roads warrant it”.  Then it came to me, this Lady is the daughter of Hubert Scott-Paine, a man who probably had more influence on speed in the Air and on the Water, than any other man on the planet!
“Its in your genes” I remarked, “like Father like Daughter”. I think Elizabeth liked that remark, she didn’t slow down, but my heart rate did.

We had Chocolate Cake with our Tea….