July 27

Just had a missive from Sandwich Council, telling me they applaud my intention to fire a Ten Gun salute from the boat as soon as
our future Monarch is born. The bad news is that the Council takes no responsibility for the ‘firing’ and if any one of the Town’s residents
fall in the River Stour, or swoon over their G&T in the heat, it will be ‘down to me’, however they still think it is a great idea for the Town!

Went to Church last Sunday, hadn’t been for about five weeks, met the ex-Mayor there for a brief chat, he was the only one holding
that office who visited the boat on a regular basis, he could be seen doing his ’rounds’ almost every day, alas now I rarely see the current Mayor, so feel completely left  out of things.

On Thursday went to a Garden Party, in  Porchester. nr. Portsmouth, had an address to follow but no Post Code.  I drove around for about an hour, thought of giving up and going home for a cup of tea, suddenly I found myself at the end of a lane leading to some factory premises, some road workers were sweeping up and putting their tools in a van, I asked them for directions to this mysterious place
I was given three different opinions, each with about six or more ‘turn right, sixth left, you’ll see a white road, but don’t take it……
That decided it, home for the cup of tea…Follow Me said the driver and we drove off in a most circuitous route but eventually, I found
Porchester, found the Road ,and found the house.  A charming eighteenth century cottage with about a quarter acre garden. Chairs and tables were gaily scattered, I found a seat, someone announced it was John Cook, the “guy” with the “Boat”.  It was a wonderful
afternoon, as much Strawberries and Cream with sandwiches and cake as you could eat, all washed down by Tea and cool White Wine.
All of this was to be had for £6, I drove home delighted. Thanks to the Van Driver who had saved the day.
John Cook