July 27

Apropos my note on the Tea Party I attended last week, I was seated at the same table as  Mr Peter Webbersley and his Good Lady.
During conversation, he let it be known that he is writing a History of Aircraft and a History of Speed.  I gave the Gentleman my card
after Tea and left.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a Package through the Royal Mail which contained his writings
on the subject thus far.
I have read everything already and telephoned Peter to pass on my congratulations for a great story so far and my promise to send him
A Jane’s 1943, book (tome) on Aircraft and engines available during that part of the War.  I was happy to say “yes” when he asked me to deliver the book and have a further chat, which we will do on Tuesday.
My next job is to contact Mrs Olive French who has been kind enough to lend me her Late Husband’s Papers.  That Gentleman was a
Pilot Officer at the beginning of the War, he quickly became a Test Pilot, testing no fewer than 73 Different TYPES of Aircraft.
But not content with that he wrote about his experience, wrote, what it was really like to take off in a Spitfire, he also kept records
of the fate of many of those planes he tested, one of those records of Spitfires Tested contains the monologue, spit no 1, crashed on take off
no2, crashed on take off, no 3 crashed on take off, no 4 crashed on take off, also no 5 and 6… no 7, Mid air collision, no8, mid air collision
It goes on and on……He also tells about Rolls Royce, he tells about Castle Bromwich and its workforce, lets us know what really happened resulting in the supply of Aircraft being years behind schedule, and so on, and so on…
Peter Webbersley reminds us that “The Best of the Few” were of course the ‘Hurricane’ fighters, he says  “the Hurricanes shot down more enemy Aircraft than ALL other Fighter Aircraft and all other Guns and Defences, put together”.
The most asked question by visitors to MTB 102 is; Has she still got Spitfire engines, the same question is asked about our WW2 Patrol Boat, from now on I will answer;    No! “ours were Hurricanes”