July 25

Yesterday drove to Sandwich to meet an impatient Harbour Master, anxious to fire off The Town Cannon.  We were ready at Noon for the event, but first I walked the hundred yards to the Church to inform the Vicar of the Hullaballoo to come.  There was a Funeral at 12-30pm so we delayed firing ’till Two pm.  I had previously warned passing Dog owners of our intentions, the Lady who runs the Quay Toilets had made me a welcome cup of tea.

The Harbour Master moved his vessel carrying the Cannon to a mooring in front of our boat, where there was a small crowd of people waiting for the ‘off”.  The Cannon was loaded as was the Blank Firing Gun on our boat…. the H.M. hit the cannon with a hammer and an ‘Almighty bang rolled around the Town’.
Thirty seconds later I fired our ‘weapon which had a smaller, but still adequate ‘Bang’. We continued every half minute until the twenty first charge was fired by me.  It didn’t fire, it was jammed in the breach, the HM came to the rescue and fired thelast shot, he also warned me about “losing a hand”  if the charge went off accidently……

I waited ’till he had left on his craft then cut little holes in the charge  and watched with relief as I saw the gunpowder trickle from the twelve bore blank which soon became inert.

Before I left for home, I checked that the Children’s ‘Potty’ tied with a blue sash, was still ‘flying’ from the Mast and the picture of William and Kate was attached tothe Wheel House…. not just a  mark of respect from RASC 34 GARTH, but as s reminder to all those passer-by’s who asked me “What Baby”?