RASC 34 "Garth"

Garth was donated to the Trust in 2007 by Mr Peter Tear.
We are grateful for his continued support.

GARTH NEWS - October 2010

This year, RASC 34 Garth, covered more miles (600) and attended more events (nine) than any other  Military Fighting Craft from the 1940‘s with the exception (of course) of MTB 102.
Next year, with the planned alterations to the vessel completed over the Winter Months, we will go further and attend even more events.  At the time of writing we plan, May Bank Holliday at Sandwich,
 From there to Richmond in Surrey with daily trips to Kingston (two week duration).  A long trip up the Thames to Beale Park for their Festival, then down river to attend the TTBR at Henley. Followed by a long river journey (150 miles) to Deal on the Kent Coast, finishing off again in Sandwich for their August Bank Holliday  event (one month laying alongside).

Over this year we have had many trials and problems but somehow the crew has survived and we all live to fight another  season.

We have had the greatest difficulty in getting in monies to finance this great little craft and have no doubt that will continue into the future.This newsletter must therefore double with a Begging content.
Suggested Beg  £10

We have to finance work on the electrical circuits, the pumps, the fresh water tanks, a new diesel tank And most important of all, making the boat people friendly.  To my knowledge, none of the boats doing our work are people friendly, they are all a nightmare for  any but the fittest  to go below in comfort.

During our lay up so far, we have already opened up below deck so that an older person can descend  the four short steps to access the thirty feet of accommodation all with 6ft minimum headroom. And have a cup of tea and a piece of cake and a chat.  Needless to say this will bring in the most needed funds and could develop to evening entertainment also. The sky may be the limit, please help us with a donation and lets see how far we go.

All of our members are entitled to come aboard for a cup of tea and a look around, or for a short trip whilst we are at an event.

Garth laying alongside at Teddington prior to her trip to Henley

GARTH NEWS - September 2010

Garth, returning from four months at sea and six hundred miles of events, from Sandwich in Kent to Henley on Thames; as she enters the Smallgains Creek, Canvey Island, the sixtyfive year old boat meets her possible end. Half way to her mooring a small Chain Ferry stretches across the waterway, Garth struck the heavy chain which wrapped around the starboard propeller; A group of local boatmen suddenly appeared and all of their suggestions were tried, but to no avail; Garth was stuck fast, the tide was falling, our hearts sank......then it happened. A young man who's name I knew to be Tony, had been working on his boat out of earshot of the possible demise of our WW2 Craft, came up to me and asked if he could help? Before I could answer he dived into the dirty water and disappeared under the vessel's stern and freed the chain from the propeller, twenty seconds later he waded towards me and with a wide grin on his face, said ''that's done John''! The boat has been lifted out and inspected, the damage is moderate, the chain having ripped the the prop shaft bracket from the bottom. We now have five months to repair the damage, repaint the boat carry out electric wiring etc and be ready for our first event at Hammerton Ferry Richmond on Thames. Thank you Tony for your selfless action that saved the day.

Coastal Motorboat Heritage Trust

GARTH NEWS - August 2010

Photo on right:  Garth leaves Canvey on May 1st for this years events, she is still away.... RASC 34 Garth, is still at the Quay at Sandwich in Kent till the end of August; on bank holiday Sunday she will lead the parade of small boats on the River Stour... Bank Holiday Monday, we will put on a 'Do' beside the boat at 8pm, all are welcome, just turn up, the New Mayor of Sandwich will be there and the Quay will be packed with holidaymakers
John Cook

GARTH NEWS - July 2010

Garth leaves for Henley on Wednesday to arrive at Henley ready for the Rally on 17th and 18th July.

From there we have been asked to take a Pop Group on a Photo Shoot along the Thames. The VJ Day Celebration in Deal in Kent, ending up for August Bank Holiday Festival at Sandwich.

GARTH NEWS - May 2010

After six weeks of events in Kent based in the Beautiful Town of Sandwich we are about to leave for our permanent berth at Canvey Island. During our stay we have made many friends, invited for food by the Chairman of the Sandwich Society, the Men of Kent Society and local residents. Met with the outgoing Mayor and had a visit on board from the incoming Mayor who confirmed an invitation for August Bank Holiday week.

During the six weeks we have been visited by thousands of holiday makers and local residents, with at least four hundred children coming on board to have mum and dad take photos of them, of course our pair of Lewis Machine Guns on the wheel house top are a draw to every male child who passes. (many thanks to Southampton engineer, Monty Stile for designing and building them).

Now we have four weeks to prepare us for Henley, much work will need to be done to the boat in that time. The most important will be, the bilge pumps and wiring, the fresh water pump, lighting to the cabins, fixings to the Mast (to enable it to be lowered more easily to go under bridges), repair to a damages bulkhead in the kitchen area..... The good news, the new stainless steel rudder has worked well, the repaired props, ditto. both engines are working very well, most of the instruments are now fine (we need new rev. counters in the engine room and in the wheel house, but they will have to wait). AND although the condition of Garth has been greatly admired by many, a large amount of paintwork needs to be refreshed.

On or about the 13th July RASC 34 Garth will proceed with one of our Skippers and Second hand, to Teddington Lock, to have it there for the afternoon/evening of 14th July. They will hand over to the four man crew who will take her to Henley to arrive there for the 17th and 18th July Regatta. Then reverse the journey to hand over the boat at Teddington Lock on or about the 21st July 2010.

Wishing you all a pleasant summer
John Cook

GARTH NEWS - January 2010

The Port 'P' Bracket and Propeller have now been re-welded with Bronze and are now ready to be returned to the boat. The new rudder alas has not yet been completed, notwithstanding the fact that our secretary has regularly attended the Engineer Works (mostly on his knees). The Cutlass Bearings are next to be tackled (estimated at £30 each, actual cost £75 each).

Garth News - November 2009

J J Engineering, Southampton Docks. are currently constructing; A new Stainless Steel Port Rudder; small repair to the port propeller; machining of the port P bracket and changing the port Cutlass bearing, (the starboard bearing will be fitted locally).

Two Lewis Machine Guns have been constructed by Southampton Engineer Monty Stile and have been fitted to the boat.

Garth has been rubbed down, prepared and painted with two good coats of paint, the work carried out by a team of unpaid workers from the Southend Probation Service. for which many thanks.

Two thirds of the Copper Bottom will not need treatment for another year, but one third will need replacing or, if funds do not allow, painted with two coats of quality tar.