The Forgotten Ones

Who opened an aircraft Factory at the age of 23yrs?
Who designed and built the fast 'float planes' which won the Schneider Trophy outright and pointed the way to Spitfires and other Fighters?
Who gave R.J. Mitchell a job in his drawing office, even though Mitchell was only trained and qualified in Heavy Engineering?
Who built the first passenger carrying Sea Planes opening the way to long distance travel. ?
Who set up the first International Flying boat service and put Southampton at the hub of World Air Travel?
Who made it possible to fly from Southampton to Southern Africa in five days, instead of five weeks by Sea?
Who built the first flotilla of Motor torpedo Boats?
Who developed his new 'Hard Chine' design which has been copied by all boat Manufactures all over the World?
Who built the Air Sea Rescue boats which rescued 13,000 Air Crew in WW2?
Who built almost all of the Army boats of WW2?
Who built his own Racing Boats making records on the seas around our coast which have never been equalled?
Who won the Harmsworth Trophy Outright?
Who took his designs to the U.S.A., met the President and built the PT boats for them?
Who went to see the Packard Engine Company in the U.S., bought 100 engines with his own money and brought them home?
Who agreed with Packard to build more powerful engines which were used by our Navy throughout WW2?
Who agreed with Packard to build a marine engine based on the Merlin design, marinised  with his own design?
Who made it possible for a continual flow of boats made in the U.S. to be brought to Britain throughout the War?
Who had it said of him by Roosevelt's chief adviser, "he is the Greatest Navel Engineer and Constructor the world has ever seen"?

Hubert Scott-Paine
of Southampton of course


Yet he received no honour, no medals and no recognition from his own Town; not even the name of the Woolston Bridge
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